Strength, Speed and Success: How Training Suples Transforms Jiu Jitsu Athletes

Regardless of the sport, regular strength and conditioning is crucial for athletes, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is no exception. A stronger, faster, more conditioned opponent will always have an advantage over a slower, weaker opponent- especially when it comes to combat sports. The tricky part comes when the athlete has to decide which fitness routine to include in their busy schedule to maximize their time and energy. This is where Suples Strength Training comes into the picture.

The History of Suples

The Suples Training Systems were designed by Olympic Wrestler and Former Olympic Wrestling Coach Ivan Ivanov, who invented the wrestling-specific training equipment. He believes in and focuses on functional strength, flexibility, and dynamic movements, thereby using his extensive knowledge and experience to develop the 5 major Suples Training Systems: The Bulgarian Bag, Suples Gladiator Wall, H.I.R.T.S. (High Intensity Rope Training System), Suples Dummies, and the Suples Ball.

In 2016, Suples was announced as the official Global Supplier for the International Amateur Wrestling Federation by United World Wrestling, and is now found in gyms, clubs, training centers, and homes around the world (via Suples).

Suples Master Trainer under Ivanov, Bridgette Hosick has worked with Olympic Gold medalists, top trainers/coaches, UFC fighters and other high performance athletes. She focuses on building mental toughness in leaders and athletes while helping them physically become stronger and better movers by incorporating the Suples Training Systems.

When asked why BJJ athletes specifically can benefit from regularly training Suples she states,

“The system incorporates versatile training tools like Bulgarian Bags that mimic grappling scenarios, helping improve core strength and balance crucial for BJJ. The variety of exercises offered by Suples Training Systems enhances overall conditioning, agility, and endurance, directly translating to improved performance on the mats for BJJ practitioners.”

Let’s dive deeper into the mechanics of the Suples Training Systems, and how it translates to success on the mats.

Strength, Speed and Success on the Mats

The versatility and functionality of the Bulgarian Bag is like none other. Suples Trainers such as the coaches at The Base Jiu Jitsu Academies in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Longview, Woodland and Camas) all utilize the Bulgarian Bag in their workouts to condition their athletes. But why specifically the Bulgarian Bag?

Unlike lifting weights, the functionality of the bag provides movement-based exercises that mimic grappling scenarios. For example, the Suples arm throw using the main handles of the bag is similar to certain throw entries. Grip exchanges done using the outside handles of the bag increase important grip strength for those practitioners training in the Gi. Moreover, the bag provides a multitude of core exercises (get-ups, twists, holds, etc.), which help strengthen the guard of the athlete. Because the bag comes in a variety of weights and sizes, it’s perfect for targeting any level of training.

Additionally, the other pieces of equipment offered through Suples were designed to ensure precision and functionality for the athlete. A great example is how the Suples Dummy provides opportunities for BJJ practitioners to work drills specific for their throws and shots. Not only does this translate to BJJ practitioners- wrestlers, MMA fighters and Judo practitioners all benefit from regularly training with the Suples Dummies.

Most importantly, training Suples is just a fun exercise for anyone willing to think outside the box of traditional weight lifting. Classes are formatted in a variety of ways, all equally challenging. And don’t think that you have to be a BJJ athlete in order to benefit from Suples. Whether in the gym or at home, it’s the perfect workout for anyone wanting the highest level of strength and conditioning training.